Blown Cellulose Insulation Services

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Why Blown Cellulose?

Blown cellulose is a popular insulation material because, simply put, it is effective, safe, and affordable. It's becoming more popular as a green option, too, because most blown cellulose is comprised of reclaimed and recycled fibers (such as newspapers), and treated with flame retardant chemicals for safety.

Another distinct benefit of blown cellulose over batt insulation is its ability to effectively and easily fill odd shaped voids. Because of its loose fibers and pellets, blown cellulose offers the kind of flexibility that fiberglass blanket installation can't match. The blown cellulose wall and attic insulation cost is slightly higher, but its benefits make up for the increased price.

Blown cellulose insulation is generally thinner than fiberglass insulation at the same R-value. However, blown cellulose requires exacting installation specifications. The professionals at Empire L&C Insulation have the competence and know-how to safely and effectively install blown cellulose insulation.

Blown Cellulose Benefits at a Glance

  • Effective thermal insulation
  • Reduced fuel usage and costs
  • Eco-conscious recycled fiber
  • Fire safety with up to a two-hour firewall
  • Improved external noise dampening
  • Easily fills spaces and voids
  • Improves comfort of buildings

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