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Testing for Success

You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it, or knowing how many miles it had already. With homes, it's just as important to know how much energy is being used before you choose your insulation service.

Empire L&C Insulation offers comprehensive home energy audit services. This energy analysis lets you know how much energy your home is using and – more importantly – losing to poor insulation and damage. This analysis lets you make an informed decision about the type and level of service you require. Additionally, both the heat loss inspection and the water leak detection will help us make sure we address and fix all troublesome areas. Watch our Energy Audit Video.

The Best Home Energy Audit

We use advanced technology to conduct thorough inspections.

Thermography (an infrared inspection) allows us to see clearly the ambient surface temperatures of your home, both indoors and out. Poorly insulated areas leak more heat in cool weather, and appear cooler in hot weather. These abnormal warm and cool spots are places where you are losing money every day!

Blower door tests lower the air pressure inside your house, increasing the inflow of air through possible leaks and poorly insulated areas. We can determine air infiltration rate of the building, insulation needs, potential water damage areas, and more through a blower door test.

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