Spray Foam Insulation Services

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Why Spray Foam?

For the last five decades, architects and contractors have begun recognizing the superiority of spray foam as an installation material. It provides unbeatable coverage and fill, and performs beyond expectations as an insulating material. Safer than fiberglass and more fire resistant than blown cellulose, it has an increased value in protecting your home or business.

Now, spray foam can be installed faster and cheaper than ever before. The once high cost has become reasonable, making it a legitimate insulation alternative that can compete with low blown cellulose and batt insulation prices.

Superior insulating abilities make spray foam an obvious choice for any residential or commercial building. Outstanding temperature insulation, significantly improved indoor air quality, and decreased external noise make any home or office more comfortable.

Versatile & Effective

Spray foam serves to seal walls, ceilings, and even flooring against air movement and temperature fluctuations, decreasing the likelihood of moisture, thereby decreasing the risks of mold and mildew.

Get rid of drafts around electrical outlets, baseboards, windows, and doors, too. Because spray foam insulation is applied in a liquid form and expands quickly, it fills all available space and adheres to all surfaces, neatly eliminating unwanted air flow.

The Best Foam Insulation

At Empire L&C Insulation, we use a selection of high quality, proven spray foams by Gaco Western that stand up to the test of time. Gaco Western has rigorously tested it's spray foams at every stage of development, from formulation to application and beyond. These spray foams have stood up to decades of use and wear, and will last for generations.

Reduce your carbon footprint with Gaco's sustainably produced polyurethane wallfoam insulation, engineered from recycled polymers and responsible soy and vegetable oils. It is equally effective and is a legitimate alternative for companies and homeowners who wish to leave a smaller carbon footprint without sacrificing quality and performance.

Spray Foam Benefits at a Glance

  • High thermal resistance and equanimity
  • Virtually eliminated unwanted air movement
  • Improved air quality
  • Reduces risks of water damage and mold
  • Improves structural strength
  • Decreases external noise contamination
  • Efficiently fills all available space
  • Improves safety of home and commercial space

Spray Foam Benefits & Other Energy Conscious Services

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